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Luno, The Sweet Puppy Who Has Been Trapped At The Airport And Who Has Been Asked To Be Sacrificed By Others

Luno is a perfectly healthy puppy who has found travelling from Costa Rica to Madrid, Spain, to be a true agony.

Without considering the “alternatives available for in the European Regulations for the carriage of pets,” the Ministry of Agriculture and the Subdirectorate General for Sanitary Agreements and Border Control prevented the puppy from entering Spain.

The dog has been kept at the Barajas airport since March 14 with his health card up to date but no microchip (which is necessary in Spain but not in Costa Rica).

Customs officials at Madrid’s Barajas airport opted to hold the dog in a cage, preventing him from entering Spanish territory or meeting his owner.

The woman showed Luno’s negative rabies test, but not the microchip, because that is not a required document in Costa Rica.

Consequently, Customs questions if this proof truly belongs to the animal, despite the fact that the paperwork contains all of the white mestizo dog’s descriptive data.

The argument is that the dog is suffering greatly as a result of this unjust holding of Luno as if it were a thing.

And, of course, its owner, who is terrified and powerless in the face of “incomprehensible” rules in a strange nation, is terrified of losing her beloved pet for good.

Fortunately, the PACMA Animalist Party’s legal staff, as well as the legal services of AGERAA (Association for the Ethical and Responsible Management of Abandoned Animals), were directly involved in the case to intervene with the authorities and reach a resolution.

The problem stems from the fact that “the dog left without the microchip necessary in the country of destination due to an error in the boarding in the country of origin and considerable ignorance on the part of its owner.”

Furthermore, the animal rights group pointed out that the authorities offered the extraordinary measure of SACRIFICING Luno as a first step. However, after considerable negotiation, they agreed to reissue him, i.e., deport him.

“Both ideas are complete rubbish,” PACMA said on social media.

They also provide an explanation for why:

«The owner of the dog Luno is unable to travel due to his physical condition, and there is no one in Costa Rica who can accept him. Transshipment, much alone the murder of a healthy animal, is not an option.”

Luno’s owner is a Spanish citizen and a community member, so returning with her dog would imply that she relinquishes all of her rights and faces deportation.

“When they wish to travel with their animals,” PACMA said, “all individuals responsible for animals should take seriousness, dedication, and responsibility.”

“It is the responsibility of the authorities to handle these circumstances when those impacted are SENTENT BEINGS, in light of the new Civil Code, which mandates that animals be treated as what they are: endowed with sensitivity and not as things or a simple cargo on an aviation journey,” they underline.

Unfortunately, Luno is caught in a dreadful legal situation; he is the most impacted victim, with no one to blame.

It’s due to a “lack of control in the nation of origin, the owner of Luno’s ignorance of the conditions for the admission of animals at our borders, and the Spanish authorities’ lack of interest in addressing it,” according to PACMA.

“Luno be given a fresh anti-rabies test, that he be given the vaccination, and that he be kept in the obligatory 21-day quarantine before being turned back to his owner,” PACMA suggested.

They even offered to put the dog in quarantine at AGERAA’s facilities, but they have received no response to yet.