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Influencer Tells How He Treats His 80 Kg Pig That Lives Inside His Home And Goes Viral

Influencer Simone Partner, also known by her stage name Eltoria, said that she has an 80 kilogram pig as a pet and adores him like her kid. She has had a deep fondness for this species since she was a little girl.

Simone grew up in Bath on a pig farm and has since developed a deep passion for the thought of having her own. Simone made the decision to fulfill her ambition three and a half years ago when she purchased her first home from mom.

Simone Partner

Even though Milo has grown into a massive 80kg pig, Simona still treats him like a child. She walks him, embraces him, lets him sleep on the couch, and loves him frequently.

The pig is fed with fresh produce, special pellets, and fruit. She lets him inside the house since he is well-trained, even though he has a cave of his own in the backyard where he may sleep.

When they see him joyfully sprinting across the yard next to our house, people often assume we are nuts.

Simone Partner

They ask whether we may walk him like a dog, but you need a specific license for that.

Milo is a huge pig, but since he is smaller than the average breed, he is still considered to be a tiny pig.

Simone Partner

“Since we met his parents, I’ve always known how huge he’d be. Since there are no such things as micropigs, it is foolish to purchase a pig with the expectation that it will outgrow it and then whine when it matures.

Simone doesn’t currently have any immediate plans to add more pigs to her household, but if she can afford a larger home with a yard, she will undoubtedly give Milo some siblings.

Simone Partner

He enjoys dozing off on the couch with his mermaid blanket, squeaky toys, and cushions close by. There, he may doze off for hours.

In order to accommodate their new pet, Simone and her fiancé Jose adjusted their diet and completely cut off bacon.

Simone Partner

“We became Porketarians as soon as we received Milo; he’s like a son to us,” said the family.

Milo has a daily schedule that he adheres to, beginning with his “bathroom place” in the garden, followed by breakfast and a morning siesta. Although Simone claims that having Milo around is wonderful, she does face certain difficulties.

Simone Partner