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A Rescued Rottweiler And A Panther Become Great Buddies

There are many cute and unusual partnerships in the animal realm, such as the one that has lately gained popularity on social media between a Rottweiler and a panther, a connection that goes beyond conception.

Luna the panther was born in a Siberian zoo and was rejected by her mother, who refused to feed and care for her for unclear reasons. Luna’s prospects of survival were poor in this circumstance, but luckily, a wonderful woman was able to aid.

Victoria, 31, has extensive expertise caring for large cats and understood precisely what the beautiful panther required.


When he arrived to the zoo, he saw that the small kitty was starving and lacking in many essential nutrients, so he decided to help. The woman developed a unique diet for the animal that included numerous vitamins that it badly required to thrive, and he took care of her at all times.


Victoria went to the zoo every day to make sure Luna had all she needed to live; after a few months, Luna was in excellent condition. After enduring the ordeal, the woman grew fond of Luna and decided to purchase her from the zoo in order to provide her with a better life.


The first plan was to bring her home to adopt her and introduce her to her Rottweiler dog, Venza. Following a lengthy introduction procedure to ensure that the two animals got along, a wonderful bond blossomed.


Luna and Venza have now developed an unexpected but real and deep connection; they are inseparable and have become best friends.

They are always playing and exploring the world together, and their bond has evolved into one of the internet’s cutest partnerships.


The woman who looks for the animals has decided to promote their wonderful connection on various social media platforms, which has been a huge success, with thousands of followers, making her a very well-known public personality on the Internet.


He already has more than 178 thousand Instagram followers, 2.2 million TikTok fans, and 87 thousand YouTube subscribers.

Victoria uses her animals’ celebrity to let people know that she has a lot of expertise caring for these kinds of wild creatures. So also cautions individuals against doing it if they lack the necessary experience, as they require particular care and feeding.


On that front, everyone can rest certain that Luna is in the finest of care and that she will never go hungry in her life.

Luna is nearly ten months old and weighs around 20.9 kilos; his growth and demeanor have been remarkable, owing entirely to Victoria’s efforts.


Not to mention the fact that Venza, in addition to being his greatest friend, is also his adopted sister, has had a significant part in his development.

The panther is being taught certain tricks, but Victoria tells us that this is not for entertainment purposes.


On Instagram, Victoria wrote:

“I’ll show you our classes; we’re just getting started, so don’t pass judgment!”

Luna need this sort of training, according to the mother, since it teaches her patience and how to listen to her human.


Victoria continued:

“All cats, especially huge ones, have amazing intellect, and they don’t have to think about hunting, strategy, or survival since they live close to a person.”

Luna has truly become a part of her family, and her lovely bond with Venza will endure a lifetime.


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