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Worried Goose Looks For Her Boyfriend After He Was Taken To The Hospital

Members of the Cape Wildlife Facility wildlife center and veterinary hospital in Massachusetts discovered a bird in need of assistance last week. It was about a kind goose who lives in a neighboring pond and was having major walking difficulties owing to an injured paw.

The site crew decided to take Arnold, the lovely goose, to the wildlife hospital for medical treatment.

However, it appears that they weren’t the only ones concerned about the goose’s health; someone very important was keeping an eye on her.


Arnold’s leg was severely wounded, and the vets had to conduct surgery to properly repair it after multiple exams.

The most perplexing aspect is that the absence of the goose in the pond was not overlooked, and everything appeared to imply that his lover missed him greatly.


A goose who had been his mate for a long time wanted to help him through this terrible moment.

The gentle goose was worried about her companion and was prepared to help in any way she could.


On Instagram, the center’s employees wrote:

“We heard a faint knock on the clinic door as we were prepared to sedate Arnold and prepare him for surgery.” We turned around to see his companion waddling onto the porch, attempting to get access to our clinic! He’d managed to track it down…»


Fortunately, Arnold’s operation was a success, but his girlfriend demanded no less and stayed with him during the process.

The team went on to say:

“She was standing outside the door, watching us work.”


They then decided to position Arnold near the entrance and open it, allowing the geese to greet one other and become more relaxed.

Members of the center made the following observations:

“They seemed a lot more at ease in each other’s company.”

Arnold will need to stay in the hospital for a few more weeks to properly recuperate, but he will not have to do it alone, as the clinic staff plans to allow his fiancée to continue visiting him, ensuring that neither of them is concerned.