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A Gorilla Embraces the Man Who Saved Her From Hunters

The People’s Choice Award winner for Wildlife Photographer of the Year is this fascinating photograph of a lowland gorilla in a man’s arms. After the gorilla was rescued from hunters who were about to sell her for bushmeat, photographer Jo-Anne McArthur took the touching image.

Pikin the gorilla was rescued and sedated while being transported from one enclosure to another by the organization Ape Action Africa. Pikin awoke in the car after the sedatives had worn off. In the arms of Appolinaire Ndohoudou, who has dedicated his life to defending gorillas in Cameroon, she stayed peaceful. Many of the animals have known him all of their lives.

I’m grateful that this image struck a chord with people, and I hope that it will encourage us all to care a little more about animals. “There is no such thing as a modest gesture of kindness toward them,” McArthur said in a statement. “I routinely chronicle the suffering that animals face as a result of our actions, but I also see stories of rescue, hope, and redemption on occasion.” Such is the case with Pikin and Appolinaire’s narrative, which depicts a wonderful moment between friends.”

The People’s Choice Award went to McArthur’s photo, which beat out 24 other competitors. The annual photography competition is held at the Natural History Museum in London, and authorities there were blown away by the image.

Director Sir Michael Dixon stated, “Jo-inspirational Anne’s image is a symbol of humanity’s capacity to protect the world’s most vulnerable species and create a more sustainable future for life on our planet.” “Photographs like Jo-serve Anne’s as a reminder that we can all make a difference in addressing our influence on the environment.”

The other Wildlife Photographer of the Year category winners will be revealed in October.