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Little Pit Bull Finds Happiness Being Adopted By The Firefighter Who Saved Him

In October 2016, a three-month-old pit bull was saved after being discovered chained to a tree in the pouring rain. The canine had dandruff. Firefighters from the Sacramento Fire Department in Sacramento, California (United States), were moved by the situation and chose to transport the young kid to the station to receive treatment.

He was picked up and transported back to the firehouse by Mike Thawley and his crew. They gave him the name Chunk, bathed him in soothing water, and kept him warm. The fire department decided that it would be preferable to transport the little kid to a shelter so that his wounds could be properly treated.


Firefighters transported Chunk to the Front Street Animal Shelter because they were certain he would get treatment there and potentially find a new home because he had lost most of his fur due to mange.

Shareably claims that the shelter concentrated on curing his scabies and provided him with garments to keep him warm till his hair regrew. Despite the mildness of his scabies, his recuperation would take some time.

The following day, Mike Thawley, the firefighter, went back to the shelter because he couldn’t stop thinking about Chunk. Chunk welcomed him with such zeal and delight, indicating that he hadn’t forgotten about him.


The fireman brought his family to see Chunk at the shelter after falling madly in love with him and deciding they should adopt him. While Chunk was undergoing treatment for his non-contagious kind of mange, Mike, his wife Carla, and his three kids chose to take care of him.

The small pit bull was finally permitted to go home with Mike and his family after 4 months of waiting since his arrival at the shelter and following the completion of his mange treatment.