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Wherever Cat Goes, He Brings His Comforting “Baby” Blanket

Sara Budzynowski worked at Wilson Veterinary Hospital, where The Sparky Fund, an animal sanctuary, was one of the clinic’s departments. She spent a lot of time there, and she was there when they took in a litter of adorable 3-week-old kittens.

With the exception of one kitten, they were all in good health. A portion of the unfortunate man’s tail had to be amputated due to an infection. Budzynowski assisted with his care, and the more time she spent with this cat, subsequently named Renly, the closer she became to him.

“I brought him home to foster him about a week after he had that section of his tail removed, and the rest is history,” Budzynowski says.

via: Sara Budzynowski

Budzynowski and her fiancé were pleased to welcome him in their house and soon began loving him. They got him a lovely plush rabbit and a soft blanket. He’s still completely enamored with them ten months later.

via: Sara Budzynowski

The blanket and plush rabbit have been with him since the day he moved in.

He keeps the blanket on him at all times.

“From the day we brought him home, he has loved his blanket and usually takes it around his room to where he wants to sleep with it,” Budzynowski adds.

His favorite blanket is the one he has.

via: Sara Budzynowski

However, the couple has adopted two corgis, Hotchner and Azula, and he has begun to act as a true big brother, sharing his prized blanket with them.

“When we get home from work to let them out, we notice Renly lay his blanket next to Hotch’s kennel, and Hotch will attempt to drag it into the box with him, so it’s like Renly is trying to share it with him as well,” Budzynowski adds.

via: Sara Budzynowski

If the blanket isn’t available, a stuffed rabbit will suffice.

via: Sara Budzynowski

Renly’s bond with the blanket is likely as strong as it was the day he was adopted and welcomed into this loving family. The blanket reminds him of the people he cares about, and it’s most likely a method for him to keep them close to him at all times.

Budzynowski added, “That blanket has seen a lot over the months and has gone through the wash so many times, but I can’t stand to replace it and intend on keeping it for him for the rest of his life.”

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