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Leopards Have Been Spotted In Taiwan, But They Have Been Declared Extinct Since 1983.

The Formosan clouded leopard, formerly considered to be extinct due to its lack of documented sightings since 1983, has been discovered in the wild. The Formosan clouded leopard is the name of the subspecies. In fact, zoologists from Taiwan scoured the region for these colossal cats. This investigation lasted from 2001 until 2013. Sadly, none of these large cats were discovered in the search area. As a result, declaring them extinct was a safe bet.

This, however, has just altered. Leopards have been discovered wandering freely in the wild. The last encounter occurred over 40 years ago. This occurred in Taiwan’s Taitung County. There have also been many eyewitness testimonies. The clouded leopard, they said, was still alive. As a result, they should no longer be extinct. These accounts date back to the year 2019. Paws Planet has confirmed this.

In addition, these reports led a group of rangers to take action. They thought that searching the region would be the best option. The excellent news was confirmed by the rangers. Two sightings of the Formosan clouded leopard had been reported. The leopard was still alive and well at this point.

Liu Chiung-hsi, on the other hand, believes in the animals. The leopard, he claims, still exists, according to Focus Taiwan News. However, this is based on his personal beliefs. He stated that the animal’s behavior has been predictable for a long time.

The animal, according to Liu, was extremely clever. As a result, trapping was difficult. Liu Chiung-hsi is a professor in the Department of Life Science at National Taitung University. This comment has been captured by Live News 43. Moving on, the Formosan clouded leopard can only be found in Taiwan.

The clouded leopard of Formosa is a lightning-fast predator. In the blink of an eye, they can scale trees. For decades, their cleverness has allowed them to elude mankind! Furthermore, they have the ability to descend trees headfirst. This is something that just a few large cats are capable of. The leopard is a one-of-a-kind creature! Hopefully, the authorities will make an effort to bring their numbers back up.