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Senior Dog Who Misses His Dad Learns To Cuddle Dummy Instead

Shorty and his father Marc have been together for 11 years.

Shorty has been following Marc around since the day he rescued him from a Philadelphia shelter. Shorty, though, isn’t as agile as he once was at 15 years old, which means he’s spending more time at home.

Marc Peralta’s wife, Kristen Peralta, told The Dodo, “Shorty and Marc have a really close bond.” “Shorty is known as Marc’s ‘angel dog.’ When Marc is holding Shorty, he is ecstatic.”

However, as the pug gets older, he still misses his father, which has been a problem recently.


“In his later years, he’s had a lot of separation anxiety, and unfortunately, Marc has to travel a lot for work,” Peralta said. “When Marc is gone, Shorty will bark and scream, and nothing seems to settle him down.”

Peralta said, “He won’t even settle when I hold him now.” “All he wants is his father.”


Vintage Pet Rescue, a Rhode Island-based retirement home for geriatric and hospice dogs, is managed by the Peraltas.

When it became evident that even his mother’s loving attention and the company of his numerous older friends wouldn’t be enough to distract Shorty from his father’s absence, Peralta began to think outside the box.

Peralta attempted to make a cushion out of one of Marc’s shirts, but Shorty saw right through it and refused to be consoled.

Nothing appeared to be able to replace Marc’s loving embrace – until Peralta’s mother came up with a great solution.


Peralta’s mother discreetly ordered a life-size dummy from a Halloween store a week ago.

Peralta was hesitant when the dummy came, but she was prepared to do everything to help the pug.


Peralta explained, “I put one of Marc’s already-worn shirts over it so it would have his fragrance.” “I put Shorty on my lap, wrapped my arms around him, and within half an hour, he was fast asleep.”

Peralta said, “He slept through the night wrapped in the dummy.” “It was simply amazing.”


Shorty isn’t the only one who appreciates the new stuffed animal. Shorty’s younger brother, Bug, believes the dummy will come to life and play with him since it is so realistic.

“He believes it’s a real person,” Peralta said, “so he went all over it, licking the face and pulling on the hands.” It was hysterical.”

While Marc is relieved that Shorty is no longer in pain when he is gone, he is also upset by the dog’s newfound loyalty.

“Marc is a little angry that he can be replaced so simply,” Peralta posted on Facebook. “But I told him not to worry.” The dummy isn’t quite as attractive or as intelligent as he is.”


In fact, the fashionable dummy has swiftly become the rescue’s most popular “volunteer.”

Peralta remarked, “It’s actually been totally adorable.” “The other puppies will lay next to or on top of the dummy. Five of them were crowded around the dummy last night.”