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For our tom cat friends, they don’t continually have an clean begin at life. And what’s worse is that many don’t continually get that glad finishing that they deserve. For one tuxedo cat in Washington country named Rascal Wild, he were given off to a quite awful begin. He changed into picked up as a stray close to a hectic street and had problem locating his all the time domestic because of his rambunctious temperament. His proprietors informed me that,

“I seemed up the vicinity in which he changed into rescued on Google maps, and it changed into sincerely no vicinity for a cat! Multiple lanes of busy traffic, educate tracks, and a cemetery. Maybe he changed into dumped due to the fact he changed into a wild massive boy in preference to a lovely, cuddly kitten. Maybe, being un-neutered, he changed into seeking out love in all the incorrect locations and his oldsters didn’t recognise the way to locate him. When he were given to the refuge, they stated he changed into feisty, off the partitions active, mischievous and could get in problem due to the fact he had now no longer been taught palms aren’t toys.”

Here’s in which Rascal Wild changed into found, sincerely now no longer a secure vicinity for a cat!

Thankfully as soon as Jim and Cerise stuck wind of his tale, they had been keen and inclined to open their hearts and houses to this rambunctious kitty. To them, it didn’t remember if he wasn’t affectionate or a cuddler, due to the fact they knew right away he changed into supposed to be with them when they felt a connection together along with his tale and photograph. And, as they say, the relaxation is history!

They began out a social media account for his or her good-looking boy, and over 30k lovers and counting are exceptional glad that they did! His bio reads that he’s: “A good-looking cat withinside the Seattle location who lures human beings together along with his stomach. Big brother to @poly_dumplings”

I linked with Rascal’s proprietors, and requested them some questions which they kindly replied in element for me. Keep studying to research greater approximately this spry tom cat who’s a complete prankster at heart! And he’s earned the center call “it’s a trap” for his cunning methods of creating you watched he wishes a stomach rub best to wonder assault you. So, basically, he’s a expert stomach trapper.

How antique changed into Rascal whilst he got here to stay with you?
“When he changed into found, he changed into an un-neutered, stray boy and the refuge that took him in predicted he changed into 2 years antique. (It’s viable he changed into a touch more youthful than that, however no one is aware of for sure.) He’s a mature seven 12 months antique now, having settled down loads during the last 5 years.”

It appears that his call is ideal for him. What changed into his call while you first followed him, and the way did you make a decision on his all the time call?
“Rascal changed into his refuge call, however it’s far very becoming as he’s a rascal! We in no way notion two times approximately it.”

(A view of Rascal’s kennel card:)

How does he get alongside together along with his cat siblings?
14 12 months antique Jinxy: “They have a deferential standoff. She could likely choose to be an best cat however she secretly loves them all!”

Here he’s, kicking it together along with his cat mate…and begging for chicken.
2 12 months antique @poly_dumplings: “We followed them after they had been kittens and had been scared how he could react and took introductions exceptional slow. He could growl and hiss at their room, and that they didn’t meet head to head for six weeks. Fast forward, and now they’re excellent friends. He has non-public groomers and playmates. He difficult and tumbles with Gyoza and tiny eight pound Gnocchi chases this massive boy around. We couldn’t are becoming a higher in shape for our family. Plus, all of them appearance first-rate together!!”

What’s some thing unique you’d need human beings to recognise approximately him?
“He’s now no longer trustful of people, however when you earn his trust, his love is unconditional. He has a mystery candy aspect that offsets his wild aspect, and a massive big purr.”

They say that tuxedo cats are well-known for his or her cattitude. How could you fee Rascal’s cattitude on a scale of one to 10 (10 being highest)?
“12! When he first got here domestic he changed into extraordinarily active and cherished to ambush and chew us. Now, he likes to be brushed and petted whilst he’s withinside the mood. He can get overstimulated and can nip to allow us to recognise he’s had sufficient interest for the instant and wishes a few non-public time.”

And if Rascal looks as if a massive boy, that’s due to the fact he’s! He suggestions the scales at 20 lbs, however that have to come as no wonder considering many tuxedo cats are big and in charge.

Can’t get sufficient of Rascal “it’s a trap” Wild? Me neither! Keep up together along with his loopy cat antics at the every day on Instagram.
Here he’s, seeking to sucker his people in for a stomach rub—however they recognise higher due to the fact the ones homicide mittens will come out. (Funny, my tuxie does the equal thing!)

And in case you recognise a person who loves tuxedo cats, percentage Rascal’s tale with them! I’d like to provide a unique “thank you” to Rascal’s proprietors, Jim and Cerise, for permitting me to percentage Rascal’s tale with you all. I desire you loved it and him as plenty as I do.

Don’t overlook to test out his cat housemates’ Poly Dumplings, AKA Gyoza & Gnocchi. If you’re a sucker for lovely polydactyl cats, then those cuties are proper up your alley!