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Beautiful Cat Interrupts A Fashion Show And Engages The Models In A Fight

After all, it’s called a catwalk for a reason, right?

When a real cat chose to enter the stage during a recent fashion show in Turkey, it stole the show as well as everyone’s hearts. Using force.


As hard as it may be to impress people who work in the fashion business, those in attendance at the Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul did not expect this. The entrance of a stray cat on the runway seemed to attract more interest than the fashions on show.

Designer Göksen Hakk Ali told The Dodo, “Everyone was in shock”.

Where the cat came from is unknown, but her goals were clear: she wanted the audience’s complete attention and adoration. According to her charming little attacks on passing models, she wasn’t eager to share.

She may need to tone down her antics on stage, but the boisterous kitten has the runway walk down perfect. Was Hakk Ali’s aspiring model cat’s fashion career possible? Hakk Ali said it’s not impossible.

Her response was, “Hahaha, maybe.” When asked, “Why not?”

It’s hard to pass up on a talent like that.