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The Happy Pup Can’t Believe He’s Finally Leaving The Shelter, His Smiling Face Says It All

Matilda, a cheerful puppy who is two months old and was just brought to the shelter after being found as a stray dog, has chafed skin and a gut full of parasites. The founder of Pibbles & More Animal Rescue, Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo, said Matilda was “nothing less than wonderful.”

According to Santina Sanders, a volunteer at the Georgian Douglas County Animal Shelter:

She also delivered the most adorable kisses. She had never seen anything more adorable than her.

On Wednesday, Teresa went to the shelter to get Matilda and transport her to a foster family. Matilda was following closely behind with her tail wagging “a mile a minute” and a bright smile on her face.

Theresa remarked:

“He rocked her the entire 1.5 hours.”

She was so moved by Matilda’s kindness that she made a few stops in the car to spoil her along the way. Currently living with her adoptive mother Kerrie Rich, Matilda has developed into an even more endearing and delightful dog in only a few short days.

Despite being abandoned, Matilda always has a smile on her face. She attempts to play with Kerrie’s other dog by giving out a lot of licks and a little bark (sometimes successfully).

She enjoys playing with toys, and when she is happy, she “bounces like a bunny.” Of course, the line doesn’t end there.

Added Kerry:

She walks funny because she wags her tail so much.

When Kerrie attempted to put a collar on Matilda, it was the only time she truly stopped wagging her tail. Given how inflamed Matilda’s skin is, Kerrie surmises that the necklace must have caused some discomfort. So when her skin starts to feel better, she will try again.

Matilda will thus be up for adoption when she receives her collar, and some very fortunate family will be able to enjoy this tiny puppy forever.

Just as it has always been difficult for her to part with the other dogs she takes care of, Kerrie is aware that it will be difficult to let go of Matilda. But she is essential if we are to keep saving lives.