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Dog Freaks Out When He Gets 400 Tennis Balls For His Birthday

It’s difficult to repay a dog for the joy they offer us, but that didn’t stop Alistair Clyde from attempting it.

Titus, a Belgian Malinois, is always amusing his mother and Bear, his Chihuahua sibling. Clyde told The Dodo, “Titus is the goofiest boy.” “He enjoys playing at all hours of the day and night. He’s also the most intelligent dog I’ve ever had.”

Clyde knew she wanted to make Titus’ second birthday one to remember as it approached.


Clyde didn’t have to think long to find out what would actually make her lively puppy happy: “I was thinking, ‘What would he want for his birthday?'” says the author. What is his absolute favorite thing in the entire world? Tennis balls are used to play tennis. ‘It’s a no-brainer!’

A ordinary three-pack of the fuzzy yellow balls, on the other hand, would not enough. If Clyde was going to give Titus the finest surprise of his life, she realized she had to go big.

Clyde explained, “I saw that you could buy 30, 60, 200, or 400 tennis balls.” “When I originally chose the number 60, I was thinking, ‘What?’ No. That’s insufficient. ‘All the tennis balls go to him!’


It was hard to keep the surprise secret any longer when the balls came in two enormous cardboard cartons. Before his mother could stop him, Titus smelled out the boxes, ripped up the packing, and took out two balls.

Clyde opened the boxes on the big day and spilled all 398 tennis balls on the floor. They slid beneath sofas, down the stairs, and into every crevice of the home.


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