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Husband Takes His Dog To The Groomer And Comes With The Wrong Dog

Even though it was a straightforward task, Rudy Salazar, a well-meaning father, managed to miss the mark.

Rudy’s wife CoCo recently requested that he pick up their lovely white puppy, BooBear, from the groomers where she had dropped him off earlier. That’s exactly what he did.

To some extent, yes.

CoCo sensed something unusual when her husband returned home with the small puppy in his arms. BooBear’s haircut seems to have completely changed his look.

However, it turned out that there was a very excellent reason for it.

Dad had mistakenly grabbed the incorrect canine companion.

Here’s a clip from the moment the truth was revealed:

When Rudy arrived to the groomers, he explained that he was there for CoCo, and that he was there on her behalf. However, there remained some ambiguity. They gave him a new small white dog, also named CoCo, instead of BooBear.

And for some reason, Rudy didn’t notice the mix-up, leaving both CoCos perplexed.

Fortunately, Rudy was able to correct the mistake once he discovered it.

Because BooBear and CoCo have a faint resemblance, it’s difficult to blame Rudy for the blunder. His wife, on the other hand, does not:

“The best husband in the world!!!” CoCo (the human) penned a letter.