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When Someone Posts A Photo Of Their Cat Hiding From The Vet, The Internet Responds With Hilarious Photos Of Their Own

It’s no surprise that kitty cats live by their own set of laws and logic, and as comfortable as we are with this knowledge, kitty cats may still surprise us with their life choices. Ashley Perez, a writer, recently took her cat James to the veterinarian. James didn’t want to put up with the prodding and probing that was about to happen, so instead of spending his energy complaining and scratching, he opted to hide. And that’s exactly what he did. Despite the fact that the concept was brilliant at the time, the foolish cat approached it in an ostrich-like fashion, putting his head into a hole and believing that the rest of his body vanished. This strange cat reasoning may appear strange to humans, but in the feline universe, James is likely to have greater concealing abilities.
Before you accuse James of being a moron and affix a humorous cat tag on him, keep in mind that a trip to the pet clinic is comparable to a dentist’s appointment, and most of us would like to hide as well. Now, scroll down to see the humorous images of James’ waning bravery and the trials of a cat at the veterinary hospital.

James wasn’t the only cat that had this brilliant notion.