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Cute Fish Won’t Stop Smiling After ‘Visiting’ The Dentist, She Has Perfect Teeth Now

Meet this lovely pufferfish named Goldie. She looks like she is always happy and to be honest, Goldie has such an adorable personality.

Her owner, Mark Byatt says that she looks always thrilled.

“She has such a great personality!” Byatt told The Dodo. “She’s a very happy fish in general.”

Just look at Goldie’s teeth. Can we just take one minute to appreciate her white teeth please?

But eventually her chompers grew faster.

So she was sent to a dentist and her overgrown tooth got finally trimmed down.

“We use fish-safe anesthetic and [nurse] Debbie held her with a towel, often placing her back into the water,” the clinic wrote.

Now she has a perfect smile! Just look at fish’s face.

“She is very happy with her new smile!” Byatt said.

Now Goldie can eat more comfortably and definitely she loves to show her teeth to everyone.

Beautiful Goldie!