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Como Zoo Embraces Baby Kudu With Open Arms In Their Family

Como Zoo announced the birth of a baby Kudu on 6th, July 2021. The newborn is absolutely adorable. Everyone seems to be gushing over her.

The baby was born at night to her 5-year-old mother, Fjorda. Her father is 7 years old and goes by the name, Bond. How cool is that? This baby came about as a result of the Species Survival Plan. This little munchkin does not have a name as of yet.

According to the zoo, both the mother and calf are in perfect condition. When the keepers visited her for the first time she was standing and having her milk. Both mother and baby are staying behind the scenes for a while. Also, the baby needs to be a bit stronger before she makes her debut.

This little lady resembles the Disney cartoon, Bambi. Don’t you agree?

Lesser Kudu is one of the striking species of antelopes. Furthermore, a fun fact about this species is that their tails are brown from the top, and from underneath it is white. Also, they travel in impressive bounding leaps covering up to 30 feet at a time. This is just amazing.

In the wild, they come under the category of near threat. The differentiating factor of the species is that they have 11 to 14 white stripes coming down on their sides. In addition to this, males have impressive spiral horns which will twist 2.5 times and can grow 3.5 feet long.

They are native to northeastern African areas like Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, and Tanzania. If you want to see one you can visit these areas or even the Como zoo.

Lastly, the zoo is very lucky to have an adorable addition to its family. We wish the new calf and her mother the very best.