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This Bat With A Big Head Has Such A Unique-Looking

Can you see this bat with a huge head? This megabat is actually the largest in Africa and has such a unique-looking.

Some people can’t believe this bat is real.

While most bats have rodent or canine-like faces, these bats have a look all their own.

“The male’s moose-shaped head, curled lips, nasal folds and enlarged larynx help him belt out repetitious calls for the female, which then change into a faster staccato when one is nearby,” Dr. Sarah H. Olson, an associate director of wildlife health at the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), told The Dodo. “Their face acts as a resonating chamber.”

Actually male bats can be found in the tropical forests of central Africa, hanging from trees and honking as discerning females fly by.

“Male hammer-headed bats make a peculiar calling sound at night to attract females, which makes them identifiable almost anywhere,” Olson said.

They’re called the Hammerhead fruit bat and were once allegedly thought to be the chubacabra. The males sing to get the females attention.