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Man Abandons His Dog At The Shelter For Being “Too Affectionate”

Because she was too devoted, “clingy,” and cuddly, a guy gave up on his dog. The incident startled the staff at the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas. The dog did chew on the man’s cushions and the couch, of course, but her primary gripe was that she never left her side.

Jubilee, a very cute and loving little puppy, was abandoned when she was just a year old. While poor Jubilee was sitting extremely unhappy and she gazed at him, her owner did not hesitate to untie her leash and leave her through the shelter’s entrance.

After hearing the tale, everyone in the shelter took pictures of Jubilee. Although her narrative began with sadness, it improved because of the people who heard it.

Jubilee’s tale went viral on the internet, and the man who abandoned her was ridiculed for both the desertion and the absurd justification he gave. When her tale went viral on social media, callers to the shelter began inquiring about her.

Samantha adopted her just one day after she had been left at the animal shelter. She developed feelings for the abandoned puppy and was eager to offer her a new home. Jubilee instantly warmed to her and started to follow her around like a shadow. Because of this, Samantha’s former owner had to give her up, although she likes the company.

According to Samantha, Huffington Post

“I felt moved. She was so in love that she knew she had to have her.

Samantha brought Jubilee home where she met her mother, teenage son, and Abby, another rescue dog.

Jubilee was welcomed into the family’s house by everyone, and she rapidly won their hearts.