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Man Won’t Leave Afghanistan Until His Team And Shelter Animals Are Safe

Veteran of the UK Royal Navy Pen Farthing established the nonprofit organization Nowzad in 2007 and has since devoted his life to protecting numerous animals. Pen, however, is in a desperate dash to evacuate her animals and neighborhood employees to safety owing to the situation in Afghanistan.

Currently, Nowzad employs more than 25 Afghans and houses more than 200 rescued animals at its Kabul-based facility. Due to his concern for their uncertain future in this nation, Pen has made every attempt to evacuate them.

Pen said to iNews

Everyone is utterly scared of what the future holds, therefore I need to get them out of here. I will not leave them behind.


Despite the complexity of the issue, the former marine has started a fundraising effort dubbed Operation Ark to help pay for the evacuation.

To pay for a cargo jet so he may travel to the UK, the man needs to raise roughly 200,000 dollars. He must, however, carry out many legal procedures that permit Afghan personnel to enter the nation, so he enlists the assistance of his political allies.


The Foreign Minister claimed to have phoned Pen to offer assistance, but nothing formal, according to a number of media sites. The guy also requests that the majority of the local animals be removed, along with the families of each of his employees.


Added by Pen

“My staff members have teenage kids, and I still find it difficult to comprehend what will happen to the young Afghan females.”

Since there are just a few days left to come to a resolution or discover the best option for everyone, the situation is urgent.


The reality is that anxiety is rising as a result of the upsetting images that the press has shown to the world on the situation in Kabul.

Pen describes the situation as terribly tragic, believing that the Afghan people were abandoned by the Western countries and left to fend for themselves. He also expresses his displeasure with the nation’s administration, believing that all for which he previously battled has been in vain.