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Man And Donkey Cry With Joy As They Reunite After Quarantine

Ismael Fernández, who resides in Spain with his family, has spent the last few months unable to see the rest of his family owing to quarantine requirements imposed by COVID-19. Ismael, on the other hand, has missed not just his relatives but also his pet, a donkey named Baldomera.

Now that the barrier is starting to break, the guy was able to go close to his brother’s house and meet with Baldomera; the two had an emotional reunion.

Ismael generally visits his brother and Baldomera (Baldo) once a week and takes a tour of the local mountains, but owing to the quarantine, this routine was put on hold.

Image/ Ismael Fernandez

He went to his brother’s house now that certain limitations had been eased and he was no longer confined.

Ishmael explained to The Dodo:

“While many people wanted to go to clubs, I wanted to see my burrita.” She was sorely missed, so the first thing I did was pay her a visit ».

Image/ Ismael Fernandez

Ismael phoned Baldo as soon as he arrived at his family’s farm, and she ran out to welcome him with much emotion.

The guy continued:

“I started crying. I was overjoyed to see her, and she burst into tears when she saw me. He’d never heard her make that sound before. She sobbed beside me. We’re both crying.”

The video of this wonderful moment may be seen here:

Baldo has refused to split from his pal in the days since the meeting.

Ishmael’s thoughts:

“My brother seems a bit envious. He’s been here the entire time, looking after her, but now that he’s happier, she simply wants to be with me.”

But now that Baldo and Ismael have included their sibling in their daily walks, the guy and his friend’s love has only grown stronger. After several days apart, the man and the donkey were reunited, demonstrating their deep affection for one another.

Image/ Ismael Fernandez