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This Dog Was Abandoned At A Shelter By His Family Because He Got ‘Too Big’

When a client opted to leave their 5-year-old dog at the Animal Care Center (ACC) in New York in July, this is what they told the staff there. The dog, named Clover, had been with her family for a number of years and appeared to get along with everyone there, including adults, young children, and infants. Her justification was that the dog had gotten “too large,” but one day they just chose to abandon her in the shelter where she would die.

Additionally, Clover shared a home with her daughter’s dog, another dog. Clover was the first one out the door when the family determined that her home was too crowded.

Clover was saved from the shelter by Stacey Silverstein, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, according to The Dodo:

“When she first arrived at the shelter, she was good. Let’s be honest, though. A shelter is an extremely unsettling setting. There are several dogs present. It’s ominous, frightening, and loud. Being a family dog, Clover was clearly quite upset.

It didn’t take long for Clover to become overwhelmed by the tense atmosphere of the shelter. Even though she had always been devoted and loving with people, her behavior started to shift, especially when she was socializing with other dogs.

Cathy said:

She was a terrible person at the shelter. Her actions were getting worse. They were unable to place her in a playgroup with other dogs since she was hostile in cages. She was working extremely hard to provide the refuge, and all she wanted was for her to go.

This was sufficient to put Clover on the euthanasia list four times, not just once. Stacey doesn’t think Clover would be here today if someone hadn’t recognized the sweet side of her.