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This Dog Was So Scared At The Shelter He Couldn’t Stop Shaking

A volunteer at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control in Texas named Paige King noticed a shaken puppy in a cage and realized she had to do something to save him. Neno the dog, whose owner could no longer afford to maintain him, found up at the shelter.

As she stated to The Dodo:

“I was scared. He was rigidly seated in the cage’s center, his paws interlocked. He avoided staring at me by turning his head to the side.

She then recorded a video of Neno with her phone, posted it to Facebook, and waited for someone to take notice. It was successful because more than 230,000 people, including Laura Rodgers, watched it.

“I started crying as soon as I viewed your video. It would not leave my thoughts. I was quite affected by that video.”

The following day, Laura traveled almost an hour to the refuge in her automobile.

Says Laura

“If I hadn’t known I was out of the woods, I don’t think I could have survived. Many individuals expressed a desire to adopt him in comments on the Facebook page, but she was still there after 24 hours.

An staffer at the shelter informed Laura that numerous individuals had been to see Neno but had decided he wasn’t the perfect fit for them when she entered. Neno was lured out of his kennel by Laura, who then went directly there and took this video.

Neno’s shaking and terror decreased after he was let out of his kennel, but Laura could tell that something wasn’t quite right. When Neno walked, it was shaky and unsteady. She questioned whether he had any neurological issues.

However, she had already resolved that Neno would accompany her home in any case.

She uttered:

“He is the type of dog that I can handle. a dog in need of care, love, and time. I could understand what other people were going through, but Neno was ideal for me.”