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Woman Escapes Wildfire On Bike With Her 70-Pound Dog In Duffel Bag

Natasha Wallace, who resided in the destructive path of the recent California wildfires, had just a short window of time to flee. Even though she just had a bicycle and a canvas bag with her, she still forgot to bring with her the one item that mattered the most to her.

When the fire started, Natasha, a college student from Santa Rosa, was on campus studying. Shortly after one in the morning, Natasha was driving to her house when she noticed a massive wall of flames engulfing the road. She briefly stopped to take a look.

“Similar to a flamethrower, it. She was aware of the fire’s rapid progress. It was quite terrifying.”

Natasha frantically packed some items before heading home. They began to drive away from her after she loaded her belongings and her dog, Bentley, into the car, but the traffic was bad since everyone was leaving the area and they were unable to exit.

“After approximately two minutes of sitting in my car, I could see the fire moving closer. I promised myself that I wouldn’t be burnt in my automobile. I then walked back to the home after turning around.”

Natasha made the decision to ride her bike to safety at that point, leaving practically all of her belongings behind to make place for her most priceless load: her cherished dog Bentley.

She uttered:

“I was aware that my puppy was the only thing that mattered. There it was. I removed my stuff and my clothing from a duffel bag. Bentley immediately entered once I instructed him to do so. He seems to comprehend the circumstances. I was aware of a problem.”