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Hospice Program Helps End-Of-Life Patients Keep Their Pets

Pet owners frequently worry about what will happen to their cherished dogs and cats after they die away or become too fragile to care for them as they begin their end-of-life journey.

While some patients are fortunate enough to have friends or family who could assist them in this situation, others are compelled to give up their furry family members just when they most need them.

The charity Pet Peace of Mind program fills that need. In order to teach volunteers and inform staff members about the numerous health advantages of the human-animal link, they collaborate with hospice and palliative care organizations around the United States.

The program assists hospice patients in providing for their pets during their final days, ensures that the animals are healthy, and locates new homes for them.

Pet Peace of Mind’s president, Dianne McGill, stated:

“I am aware of several patients who have claimed that their animal companion saved their lives. The anxiety that comes with managing a major medical condition can be effectively managed by pets. Finding homes for their beloved pets after they die away and keeping them near to them throughout their final stages of life are significant chores for many patients.

Since joining the initiative in January 2016, St. Luke’s Hospice has provided support to 85 patients and their families. It is supported by contributions and the labor of 15 volunteers, who check on patients and perform tasks like playing with a dog whose owner is unable to throw a ball.

Pet Peace of Mind offers home care services as well as assistance in finding new homes for animals after an owner’s passing. These lovable individuals are given a second opportunity at love with a new family rather of winding up in a shelter or abandoned on the streets.