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Men Save Ducklings Stuck On Track Just As A Train Approaches

In New Zealand, James Fox and Ryan Milligan were working on railroad tracks when they stumbled upon a little family who had gotten themselves into a pickle.

“We had to pack up our gear, jump in the rail truck, and travel to the adjacent crossing at specified times throughout the day to leave the track to allow trains pass,” Fox told The Dodo. “We came across the ducklings from inside the rail truck on one of these instances. The ducklings jumped out from between the rails because they were too little. Mother seems to have tricked them into falling into a trap.”

The ducklings tried hard to cross the tracks and return to their mother, but they were simply too tiny to do so. The guys realized that a train was approaching and that the ducklings wouldn’t be able to make it without assistance, so they jumped out of the truck and began attempting to corral the little ducklings.

“The ducklings would have had around five minutes before the train crossed,” Fox added. “We had to gather them up a little since they were trying to flee, but it only took a few of minutes.”

Despite the ducklings fleeing in all directions, the rescue didn’t take long – and there was even time for a quick picture. After being rescued, the six ducklings dashed out into adjacent fields, anxious to reunite with their mother.

“We could only hear her anxiously quacking in the nearby fields,” Fox added. “When the ducklings went away, we’re certain they were reunited with her.”