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Three-Legged Dog Mourns Each Of His Friends As They Pass Away At The Shrine

Tricycle is a golden retriever that has been in the care of Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary in Mineral Bluff, Georgia for numerous years and is missing one of his legs. He has been spotted grieving his buddies at this location, just as any person would when they pass away.

When they buried a dog named Major who came to the facility with health difficulties four years ago, Lester Aradi, a former police chief who now owns the sanctuary, said he and his wife recognized Tricycle had been grieving the losses of previous creatures.


Facebook: Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary

On the most recent occasion, the dog was spotted lamenting the loss of Trixie, a 21-year-old alpaca.

The pair could tell that Tricycle had been mourning the death of her pal for three days in a row after the emotional moment was shared on Facebook.

Facebook: Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary

Lester explained:

“He usually spends the day in the grave until he returns home at night.”

Facebook: Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary

Tricycle shares the sanctuary with alpacas, llamas, horses, and other canines with special needs since this location serves as a foster home for several rescue organizations.

Lester is in charge of burying all the animals who have died in a respectable manner on the farm.

Graves for tiny animals such as dogs and cats are frequently marked with stone circles.

Facebook: Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary

Large animals that die, on the other hand, are buried and subsequently, fruit trees are planted on the site to “continue the circle of life” and to allow children who visit the refuge to choose fruits.

Tricycle weeps for his companions and appears to have the same amount of affection for them as a human, demonstrating that, contrary to popular belief, animals do have feelings.

Facebook: Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary

A rescue organization contacted Lester after viewing one of the Sanctuary’s publications, believing it would be a good idea for Tricycle to live with another three-legged dog, and that’s how Romeo ended up at the farm, becoming a terrific buddy for the.

Tricycle, on the other hand, is the central theme of a book written by Lester and Diane titled «Tricycle and Friends: The True Life Adventures of a Three-Legged Golden Retireiver and His Rescued Farm Animal Friends», which is based on the story of a dog that was hit by a car and lost one of its legs.

Facebook: Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary

The earnings from the books will go entirely toward the sanctuary’s animal care. If you’re interested in purchasing it, you can do so by clicking here.

It should be emphasized that Tricycle spent a long time at a shelter before arriving here, waiting for someone to adopt him, but no one did.

He and other animals are now service animals that bring joy to people in schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

Facebook: Horse Creek Stable Rescue Sanctuary