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Puppy Can’t Stop Smiling When He Realizes He’s Being Rescued

Animal control in April saved a 10-year-old dog who had been struck by a vehicle. Someone had shot him in the right rear leg, rendering him unable to walk.

The dog was sent to a tiny municipal shelter in Dallas, Texas, where he was left untreated for a week due to a lack of available resources.

Fortunately, a volunteer from Dallas DogRRR, a neighborhood rescue organization, saw the predicament and acted quickly.

Karen Velazquez

Dallas DogRRR’s CEO, Kerry Anechiarico, stated to The Dodo:

“He was hurt physically…

… he really made no attempt to come and say hello when the volunteer went to visit him. It almost seems like he quit up and was simply waiting for his chance.

Karen Velazquez

Sanford the puppy was introduced to Karen Velazquez through this rescue organization, who opted to place him in a foster home once he was released from the hospital.

Karen Velazquez

He hasn’t stopped grinning since then. Karen claims that she feels as though she knows she is secure with her at her side.

John said:

“I can honestly state that I have never had someone as cheery as him, and I am presently in my 52nd adoptive home. No other animal or person, not even my own pets, has ever looked at me the way he does. In essence, the only times he is not grinning are when he is eating or napping.

Karen Velazquez

Sanford is eating well, going for daily walks, and playing with Karen’s other dogs.

Karen Velazquez