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This Dog Was Returned To The Shelter Along With The Touching Letter From The Girl Who Loves Him

When a dog or cat is adopted, it is believed that the home he enters will be his everlasting home, but sadly, this does not always happen. Rhino Lightning, a 3-year-old dog, joined a family with four small children in September of last year, but this week the dog was brought back to the Humane Society of Utah shelter.

Deann Pastor, the Humane Society of Utah’s director of marketing and communications, said:

They thought he was a little bit impolite around their little children. Sometimes a family is unable to give an animal the care it requires.

The youngest daughter expressed that her family’s choice to give Rhino back to the shelter was not an easy one when she gave the staff of the shelter a notebook filled with her kind words.

In the notepad, the young lady wrote:

Hello, you should already have Rhino if you are reading this. He served as my pet. I sincerely hope he is in a healthy setting. Really, I do miss it. I regret not realizing he was a lovely puppy.

The child provides directions on how the new family should care for the dog in her letter. For instance, they are instructed to take him on two to three daily walks, bathe him once per month, and of course, show him a lot of love.

“Rhino is a highly sharp puppy. He is a very remarkable puppy. Rhino requires a lot of care. He cherishes people.”

“Rhino is a wonderful dog and he loves to be petted, but don’t bother him with rewards because he’ll start barking hysterically, so you’ll have to attempt to calm him down,” the trainer said.