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Rescued Dog Saves The Life Of The Man Who Had Just Adopted Her

A stunning dog in Oakland, New Jersey, saves the life of her owner, Brian Myers, and is now celebrated as a hero as a result of her inspiring and valiant tale. German Shepherd Sadie, age 6, was abandoned at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge and ended up there.

Sadie’s prior owner apparently had to relocate and was unable to keep her in his new place, so he gave her up. Sadie was quite confused and uneasy at the time, and she did not like strangers very well, making it challenging to find a potential adoption for her.

Although he has lived with many dogs over the years, he initially barks at them before developing a lovely bond.


Posted by the shelter on Facebook:

“Sadie is searching for a quieter adult home, without many visitors, with someone who loves her devotion and intellect,”

Sadie first met Brian at the shelter a few months ago, and despite her initial trepidation, she soon developed a particular affinity with him. She wanted to give Brian a second chance at life and adopted him since he valued her knowledge greatly and had blind faith in his dedication to her.

Though he welcomed him into his house, the guy had no idea that Sadie would go on to play a crucial part in his life. Last week, Brian had a stroke and passed out, leaving him alone at home with just Sadie.

She licked it on her face to keep the dog awake and aware of her presence when he became aware of the situation and opted to remain by her side. But what’s truly incredible is that she assisted him in crawling across the room to his cellphone, where she used it to call for help.

Brian said to CBS:

“I needed to use the restroom late at night while I was asleep. I immediately dropped to the ground after stepping onto it. I was unable to stand. She began to reclaim her weight as soon as I just gripped her neck. I was then able to move across the floor as a result. If not, she was most likely still present.


Posted by the shelter on Facebook:

Sadie was the only person Brian could turn to for assistance. Sadie offered Brian a second shot at life this time.

The residents of the shelter now praise Sadie for saving Brian’s life and assert that Brian is still alive because of her brilliance. While Sadie spends her days at home with her family, the man is making a satisfactory recovery at a rehab facility.

Both of them miss the other very much, which is why they communicate every evening through video conversations and excitedly anticipate the day they can finally meet.