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Man Takes Care Of More Than 750 Dogs In His Shelter That Nobody Else Wanted

People who don’t value their unselfish companionship leave many animals on the streets like trash. Thankfully, there are individuals like Sasha Pesic who have been providing homeless dogs with the care they need for a number of years.

This man, who is regarded as one of Serbia’s top animal advocates, founded his own shelter in 2008 and today houses 750 dogs there.

That same year, Pesic saw four abandoned pups as he was on his way home, which is how his tale began. Even though he lacked the resources, he started to put together a plan to rescue them because he could not control his urge to do so.

Sasha opened her shelter with the help of six volunteers, giving all the animals a place to live and food to eat. She has also been able to keep the shelter running owing to donations she receives from all around the world.

All of the animals he takes care of have identity microchips, are sterilized, and have their names written on them.

400 of the 1,200 dogs Sasha has saved have been adopted by individuals all across the world. He is without a doubt a great role model for everyone.

The owners of the land where the shelter is located have a dispute with this individual and are requesting that he leave the area.

Thousands of people signed a petition once the issue was made public, and this forced the government to give up—but not permanently.

Sasha values everyone’s help and believes that the system is to blame for the issue of so many abandoned pets by failing to find answers and instead causing more harm.

Says Sasha

“The owners’ negligence in not neutering their dogs and abandoning them outside when they no longer want them is the second issue. They include “I had a baby and can’t take care of the dog” and “I don’t need it anymore,” among other excuses.

He doesn’t get any help from the government, and many vets charge him a lot since they believe he has too much money from contributions.

You may sign up here to become a patron and support Sasha with the shelter’s fixed costs through Patreon.