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School Turned Into A Hospital For Koala Survivors Of The Wildfires

Good-hearted folks decided to convert a school into a koala hospital after the horrific fires that happened in Australia ruined the nation’s nature paradise and caused severe burns on many of the creatures.

The news is living proof that even in the face of tragedy, people can be at their finest.

Adelaide Koala Rescue, a non-profit group devoted to preserving the endearing marsupials for many years, was the driving force behind the plan to build a hospital for koalas.

FB: Adelaide Koala Rescue

More than 150 volunteers, including at least 80 professional veterinarians, work at the Paradise Primary School, northeast of Adelaide, where the group has modified the facilities. They are looking for a larger shelter so they can care for more animals.

FB: Adelaide Koala Rescue

Director of Adelaide Koala Rescue Jane Brister stated:

“We receive burnt koalas from all around. They appear to have been gathered together in a large group, and the fire just passed over them.

Koalas with burns are kept in one pen, orphaned marsupials in another, and there is even a special area for those discovered to have chlamydia, a fairly frequent illness among koalas. The animals at the hospital are divided into pens according to their needs.

FB: Adelaide Koala Rescue

Koalas have received 35 animal discharges from the hospital, but because to the damage brought on by the forest fires, they will be unable to go home. On the other side, some animals’ injuries were so severe that they had to be put to death.

FB: Adelaide Koala Rescue

All koalas are given names, have individual medical records, and are meticulously monitored throughout their rehabilitation processes much like any other patient in a hospital.

John said:

It’s a horrifying and painful experience. Many members of our team have witnessed events that have permanently changed them and will require specialist assistance to overcome them; other members have been so impacted that they desire to remain in the hospital round-the-clock.

The majority of the koalas that the group took in were saved from Cudlee Creek, which is close to Adelaide.

FB: Adelaide Koala Rescue