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Pit Bull Was Dying But This Man Saved Her Life, Now Dog Is Looking For A Loving Home

Alessandro Desco and Athena the pit bull are best friends forever. Man saved Athena’s life after receiving a call about the animal’s situation on the outskirts of Sao Paulo.

Desco has a NGO called “Ales Pits Teams”. He and his team rescue dogs and treat them.

Man heard about Athena’s situation and immediately found her and sent dog at the vet. Athena was injured and he found her in a tall grass.

Dog’s eyes were swollen shut. She had an infection and doctors were very worried about her health.

Dog had an x-ray and now is recovering day by day.

Also she is still taking a lot of medications and is feeling good now. Athena looks beautiful and her eyes shine.

Now Alessandro wants to find her a loving home. We hope she gets adopted soon.