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12-Year-Old Boy Creates A Wheelchair With Lego Pieces For A Disabled Dog

Because Gracie lacked her front legs, her family left her on the street two days after she was born, treating her like a broken toy. Fortunately, she connected with the proper people, and they gave her a Lego-built wheelchair, significantly altering her quality of life.

She was adopted by the Mostly Mutts charity after being abandoned and transported to a vet clinic.

Gracie was in bad shape at that time, had no hair around her eyes, and had worms crawling all over her. Despite this, though, she showed herself to be quite a fighter.

The Turney family, who also look after a puppy who is paralyzed and another puppy who is missing a limb, adopted the dog.

Since Gracie was a developing puppy, the family was worried about her mobility and it would be impractical to buy a wheelchair that she would outgrow in a couple of weeks.

FB: Amazinggracie.ga

Fortunately, Dylan, a 12-year-old volunteer, came up with the brilliant idea of building a temporary wheelchair out of Lego blocks.

FB: Amazinggracie.ga

This was the ideal option for Gracie because it was reasonably priced and simple to scale as she grew.

FB: Amazinggracie.ga

Even though it took him a few weeks to get used to the wheels, he finally started moving around without any effort.

FB: Amazinggracie.ga

When she was old enough, she was given a “adult” wheelchair after the chair’s wheels were upgraded as she grew older.

FB: Amazinggracie.ga