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59-Year-Old Chimpanzee Refused To Eat Until She Recognized Her Old Keeper’s Voice

An aging chimpanzee and her human carer have formed an almost inexplicable relationship of love, devotion, and care. You must respect this great partnership if you live with an animal. And if you haven’t done it yet but want to, this narrative is undoubtedly a major motivator.

59-year-old Mama, the eldest chimpanzee in the Dutch chimpanzee colony at the Royal Burgers Zoo in Arnhem, the Netherlands, was the beginning of everything when she had a serious illness in April 2016. She finally stopped eating altogether before passing out. and appear to be insurmountable.

This suggested that Mama was preparing to depart into another dimension and abandon us. But when Jan Van Hooff, her devoted former caregiver, paid her a visit, she experienced a miracle. Mama responded in an unexpected way as soon as the man talked to her and she heard her voice.

The chimpanzee was first a little perplexed and needed a few moments to identify it, but as she looked into Jan’s eyes directly, a torrent of emotions erupted between them.

The animal stood up and walked up to Jan, grinning, ready to give him a hug. He tightened his embrace with her in return. The chimpanzee colony of the Royal Burgers Zoo in the Dutch city of Arnhem was established in 1972, and the guy wished to bid farewell to the creature on that day that he had cared for and loved so much for so long.

In April 2016, Mama became ill and was on the verge of passing away. She refused to eat until I paid her my final visit and she heard my voice. I found that to be incredibly fascinating,” Van Hoof remarked.

The work Chimpanzee Politics by Frans De Waal is based on pioneering research on the physiology and social behavior of this type of mammalian specimen conducted on this group of monkeys.

Mama had to cling onto her last breath of life to say goodbye to Jan because of such lovely, heartbreakingly passionate life energy. And for as long as she could, she did. She was overcome with emotion, but a week after that reunion, harsh fate carried her to a better place.

This video shows the endearing exchange between Mama that has touched countless people: