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A Man Rescues a Blind and Deaf Kitten and Raises Her Into a Beautiful Calico Cat, Which She is Now 7 Months Old

A man discovered a cat living on the stairwell of his apartment building. He observed that her eyes hadn’t opened even though she was just a few weeks old. It wasn’t until later that he realized the kitten was born without eyes.

Votchy is here!

CREDIT: Zeyad K.

Zeyad K. (Egypt) began feeding the little calico, ensuring she had plenty to eat every day. He couldn’t bring the kitten in because he was living with five other family members at the time.

Despite her growing size, her eyes never opened. Zeyad suspected it was an eye infection. “I checked her eye sockets, but there was nothing within. That’s when I realized she was absolutely deafeningly deafeningly deafeningly deafen “Zeyad informed Love Meow.

CREDIT: Zeyad K.

He kept bringing her meals and stayed by her side until she finished. He was worried ill about the small kitty when he had to depart for a few days with his family.

“I went home to find her laying down on my porch, skin and bones, and more dirtier than she had been. After seeing that terrible scene, my family didn’t need much more persuading, since I had been telling them how a blind stray cat wouldn’t be able to live on her alone and how we needed to take her in.”

CREDIT: Zeyad K.

Because the kitten was too frail to eat on her own, he began hand feeding her around the clock. Every few hours, he took her to the litter box and sat with her until she returned to her meal.

When the calico regained her health, she began to investigate her new home by sniffing every nook and corner and navigating with her other senses.

CREDIT: Zeyad K.

They noted that the kitten never replied when they called her name while she was being nursed back to health. “She didn’t appear scared by any loud, jarring noise,” Zeyad told Love Meow, “even though my other cat would instantly start running away if I began the vacuum or blender.”

“If someone even gently touches her, she is easily shocked. She didn’t flinch or react in the least when I snapped my fingers extremely loudly right near to her ears.”

That’s when they discovered Votchy is deaf as well.

CREDIT: Zeyad K.

Votchy has no idea what life would be like if she could see and hear, but one thing is certain: she is content with herself as she is, and nothing can stop her.

“It was one of the finest choices I’ve made in my life. She now lives her life as any other cat would, and she adores being touched “Love Meow was recounted by Zeyad.

She’s very aware of her own purrfectness!

CREDIT: Zeyad K.

Watch Votchy’s incredible journey in this video: