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A Good Dog With An Extraordinary Sense Of Smell Helps Rescue Another Dog Lost For Several Days In The Middle Of The Snow

German Pointer puppy named Banjo is a sweet 9-month-old who resides with his father in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. They had no idea that this nice dog may save someone else’s life because to his exceptional sense of smell.

A few days ago, the observant dog started to pick up a certain scent while Banjo and Kerry, his father, were cross-country skiing close to their home. Kerry approached the bushes and observed something hiding in the bushes. A fluffy golden head suddenly appeared out of the snow as he crept closer for a better look.

FB/ Julia Neufeldt

The dog had built a sort of tunnel in the snow where he had been resting for the days the guy had asked, the man was able to see. Kerry recalls that the creature was quite frightened and first only let Banjo approach near to it.

FB/ Julia Neufeldt

Jerry phoned the local animal control straight away because he couldn’t approach the terrified animal and they were able to get in touch with the dog’s upset family.

Kerry explains:

“He wouldn’t even move until I put his owner on speakerphone. With the help of some sweets, I was able to lure him out of the forest, but he resisted my attempts to come closer.”

FB/ Julia Neufeldt

The dog, named Louie, had been missing from the dog park for a few days when a severe snowstorm covered the region in snow, making it challenging to discover the dog at first.

When Louie’s mother learned that her dog had been located, she was a part of a search team. The panic left her face as soon as Louie spotted her after she had run for more than 30 minutes in knee-deep snow.

FB/ Julia Neufeldt

Kerry was very moved by this touching reunion. He recognized the emotion from having a previous, comparable encounter with his dog.

He continued:

“I refrained from crying a little bit since Banjo was taken in August and I can kind of relate. There were several Louie’s buddies present, along with his owner Julia’s joyful laughter and tears, a wavy butt, and a very animated and hungry Louie. It was quite sweet.”

FB/ Julia Neufeldt