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Alan Is A Dog With A Crooked Face Who Has Become Very Popular On The Internet Thanks To His Funny And Curious Videos

A puppy acquired from an animal shelter has gained popularity on TiK Tok after his dad began posting amusing footage of the adorable, crooked-faced dog to silence his critics.

A Saluki and a Boxer cross-breed puppy named Alan is one year old and has a unique appearance due to a severe facial deformity. His lower teeth are permanently visible due to the abnormality that causes his nose to twist and tilt to the right.

Despite his physical limitations, his father has become an Internet celebrity thanks to a number of videos and pictures that have been shared on social media.


Video captures the active dog enjoying a tasty treat from the kitchen counter while relaxing with dad on the couch. He enjoys jumping around the room when he is playing with his family and foster siblings at home.


The dog had a difficult beginning to life, but he now enjoys it immensely with Johanna, her husband Dan, their daughter Darcy, and other rescued animals.

When he was just two months old, Alan and his mother, father, and seven siblings were discovered living on the streets of Doha, Qatar. She first met him in a rescue facility 10 months ago, and when they moved him there, she made the decision to stay with him.


According to the Daily Mail, Johanna said:

“I knew I was going to adopt Alan the moment I saw his crooked face. I was so immediately enthralled that I was unable to turn around.”

The woman was totally smitten by Alan’s crooked face, but she soon discovered that not everyone thought the puppy’s look was adorable. She then made the decision to use her Tik Tok account to showcase her inner and outside beauty.

The goal of Alan’s family is to demonstrate to others that Alan is content and has a typical life much like any other dog. With more than 140k followers and more than a million likes, Alan has soared to internet celebrity thanks to his films showing him having the time of his life.

Johanna is inspired by Alan’s success and believes that the puppy’s Tik Tok will motivate other people to adopt special needs canines.


As Johanna said:

“Alan’s look has drawn a lot of negative remarks from people. There is no possibility for him to have surgery and reconstruct his face, despite others telling me they will provide money.

In reality, the woman brought Alan to the vet to be assessed for potential surgery and to prevent any potential respiratory issues. But after a thorough examination, they came to the conclusion that he was fully healthy and had no problems.