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Man Saves Little Coyote From Drowning And Takes Him On A Raft Ride For 10 Days

Outdoor thrills and surprises abound on travels, as seen by the encounter a guy had with a little coyote.

Extreme sports enthusiast Justin frequently does multi-day rafting adventures on Canada’s Saskatchewan and Red Deer rivers. On one of these excursions, the man heard what appeared to be a dogfight, but following further examination, he discovered nothing.

The intrepid traveler carried on alone, but as he was fishing, he once more heard some strange-sounding cries.


The only thing Justin could see when he leaned in to investigate the source of the shriek was a snout protruding from the water. The water was dark, so the man couldn’t tell what he was about to capture since he was about to do it without thinking.

Justin drew near enough to have a better look, but as he leaned down, he unintentionally slipped into the river’s chilly water. In order to identify the creature, he swam up to the nose that he could see. It turned out to be a coyote pup.


The man was able to reach the beach after pulling the small animal out of the water and rising to the surface. The puppy didn’t seem to be breathing and looked to be comatose. Justin fortunately had knowledge of cardiac resuscitation ( CPR ).

By pushing on his belly, he was able to execute a modified Heimlich technique, and after doing so numerous times, water started to come out of the coyote’s snout and he was able to breathe normally once again.


The father constructed a fire to dry off and warm up because Justin and his newly discovered companion were really damp.

He decided to accept the coyote as a friend and care for him for all this time because he had purchased an unlimited plan for the following 10 days to go rafting, so he still had plenty of time for other experiences. With his savior, the dog would go on a trip filled with adventures.


He was given the name Yip Yip by Justin, and because he was under his care, they shared meals, beds, and cuddles until the trip was done.

When the father arrived to a primary care center, he had the opportunity to speak with his wife about the young son. Before being able to get in touch with the Swift Current SPCA, where he was offered a better choice, he subsequently made contact with a number of organizations in Ontario and Manitoba.