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This Rescue Pup Sleeps With His New Food Bowl Every Night

Susanne was heartbroken when she saw a picture of a little Jack Russell terrier mix online two years ago. Susanne thought about what it would be like to help another dog in need even though she already had a rescue dog at home.

She stated to The Dodo:

“When I was ten years old, I knew I loved him right away! We bonded the moment we ever glanced at each other since I stood in line outside the rescue center for three hours to make sure I was the first to register my interest.


Neville was discovered lost in the streets; his past was unknown. But the mother made it quite evident that the dog had experienced hardship. Even though Neville was overjoyed to be in a new house, adjusting was not always simple, particularly when it came time to eat.


Cathy said:

“We believe he was certainly abused and exploited for breeding. He used to compete with my other dog for food at first and would attempt to eat right off the ground or from his dish.


Susanne tacked on

“Once he found out how to eat from a bowl, he valued that bowl,” I had to teach him.


Now, Neville’s dinner plate, which he carries around everywhere, is his most valued item. Every night, she even joins him in bed for a sleepover.