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A Beautiful Faithful Dog Shows All Her Love For Her Human Father When She Decides To Wait By The Door Until He Returns From The Hospital

Dogs are without a doubt the most devoted companions people can have, but the tale of the dog who waited for her owner to come home from the hospital has elevated fidelity to a whole new level.

The plan was for Leia to spend some time on vacation with her human grandparents, thus it was only meant to be a short-term arrangement.

It was the ideal idea to unwind for a bit because Leia enjoys spending time with Katie’s parents and wants them all to herself. Additionally, she enjoys peace very much, so this was the ideal plan for her because it would allow her to take a brief break from her two slightly restless dog siblings.


Every day, Katie could see how much her pet liked spending time with her parents. However, she never realized how wonderful the relationship between Leia and her father had become over this time. weather.

When their relationship was put to the test by a trying circumstance at home, where Leia expressed her emotions, everyone could see their togetherness.


The old father, who sadly has cancer, had some health issues when Katie’s parents were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and had to be admitted to the hospital.

Although Katie’s mother went to the hospital with her husband, she was forced to go home because of the Covid-19’s severe isolation requirements. Leia was anxiously awaiting her mother’s arrival when she came home alone, indicating that she was not the only one who was upset.

Surprisingly, she lowered her head and waited patiently for her father to come back, standing by the front entrance.


The touching incident startled Katie’s mother, who decided to snap a photo of the distressed puppy and email it to Katie right away.

Added Katy:

“When he emailed me the picture, I started crying right away. She killed me to the bone. I realized how much I truly missed and loved my father.

The following day, when Katie’s father returned home, he and Leia were both glad to see each other. This unmistakably demonstrated their deep fondness for one another and the uniqueness of their relationship.


Leia was particularly impacted by her father’s absence, therefore Katie made the decision to set up Leia’s permanent residence with him.

Added Katy:

“She is the epitome of a dog when it comes to loyalty. Now that he is her human,

Now that dad’s condition is known by two of the daughters at home, he is undoubtedly content with the attention.

Katie stated:

My mother has become accustomed to another female kissing him on the face.