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Grandpa with His Cat Teach a Cute Lesson on Bathing a Baby

Vinh Quang, his wife, and his grandmother rescued a kitten named Lac Lac from the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam. r.

Since that time, Lac Lac has been the family’s baby. However, things are going to change dramatically.


Quang is expecting his first kid with his wife.

Despite the fact that it is unfamiliar ground for them, Quang’s father, with the help of Lac Lac, is ensuring that the expecting parents are not caught off guard.


The other day, Grandpa-to-be decided to teach Quang and his wife how to bathe their upcoming baby, with Lac Lac filling the role of his new sibling. 

Here’s a video of that moment:

Although the bathwater was fictitious, the soft doting that went along with it was not. Lac Lac was in the lap of luxury in Grandpa’s capable hands.

“I believe he enjoyed himself. “They get along really well,” Quang told The Dodo. “My father took care of my sister and me when we were younger, so he knows what he’s doing.”

When the baby arrives, the house will be a hive of activity. But until then, it’s all about Lac Lac.


Despite the fact that Quang and his wife are expecting their first kid, they already consider themselves parents.

“Lac Lac is our newborn boy,” Quang added, adding that he can’t wait to show his cat and Grandpa the new addition to the family.

“I’m overjoyed to have them at my baby’s side. My father is a kind and considerate man who will teach my son valuable life skills. I also hope that Lac Lac instills in him a love for all living things.”