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A Giant Teddy Bear Provides Comfort to an Orphaned Foal

A rescued colt forms the most endearing relationship with a massive teddy bear! Breeze, as he is known, was abandoned by his mother shortly after birth. Fortunately for the newborn Dartmoor

Hill pony, he was discovered by a farmer, who contacted the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon, UK. The recently born foal was in severe discomfort by the time the rescue crew got on the site.

He was disoriented and dehydrated, and everyone feared the worst.

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But after he arrived at the refuge, things began to look up as the tiny one appeared to get the comfort he required. And it didn’t come from an adoptive mother or a staff member, but from a huge teddy bear given to him by his caregivers. “Unfortunately, little Breeze does not have his mother to keep him company,” said Syra Bowden, executive director of the refuge. “It’s been great to see him engage with his new teddies and cuddle up to them while he sleeps. They are excellent company for him and bring comfort when his caregivers are not present.”

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Apparently, the shelter frequently provides stuffed animals to orphaned animals. “We usually give our orphaned foals a huge cuddly toy to keep them company,” Bowden explained. “It gives them comfort in the same manner that human newborns do.” A approach that appears to be extremely effective!

CREDIT: Majestic Animals

Breeze is doing well after a couple of key weeks in which he received a special milk formula and correct medicines. And his teddy bear pal is to blame for it as well. “He’s becoming larger and stronger every day,” Bowden added. “He’s only recently begun to venture out into the field to play – he’s not afraid of anything and enjoys being outside.”