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This Pit Bull Spent 10 Years Chained To A Wall Waiting To Be Rescued

A severely neglected pit bull was discovered in a Brooklyn park in 2015, and the animal rescue group AMA Animal Rescue in Brooklyn was informed. Rescuers were horrified to see how badly the dog was injured when they got on the site.

Their unfortunate dog, Norman, had lost a lot of fur and was tied to a wall. The dog could hardly stand up, and rescuers could smell decaying flesh. They had never witnessed an animal mistreatment situation as bad as this one.

Norman was happy to meet his rescuers despite being in very terrible health. He appeared to know they were rescue him because his tail immediately began to wag as they passed by him.

Before releasing Norman, AMA Animal Rescue fed him. Once in the car, the dog quickly snuggled up on a blanket and went to sleep.

To obtain care for his numerous afflictions, Norman was brought to a veterinarian facility.

In addition to being underweight and covered in infected sores, the dog was also deaf, blind, and had arthritis when they arrived.

The elder dog was estimated by the veterinarian to be around 10 years old, and it was evident that in all that time, he had received very little affection and care.