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“It Doesn’t Bite”- A Girl Is Recorded While Walking A Tiger On A Leash As If It Were A Dog

Dogs and cats are often the preferred home pets, but recently, exotic animals have gained a lot of popularity. Particularly among the most eccentric people who wish to command respect by keeping a wild animal at home.

What they fail to see is that they are interfering with this species’ right to freedom, which entitles it to the chance to flourish in its natural environment. Additionally, keeping a wild animal as a pet poses a major risk to the people living in the home as well as to the entire neighborhood.

An image of a girl going joyfully down the street beside a tiger that ambles docilely at her side has recently gone viral on social media.

In addition, he claimed to have another of these cats, a little smaller, at home, so it appears that this is only one of his pets.

According to the recording’s creator, the stunning photographs were taken in Mexico, notably in the Guasave municipality in the province of Sinaloa. Really remarkable is how this young girl walks her tiger like if it were a dog.

So much so that a lot of users have urged the authorities to look into whether the person(s) in charge of the animal(s) actually has the necessary health and environmental permissions to be able to keep them as pets.

“It’s unusual to see something like that. It may pose a threat to the neighborhood because it is a wild animal whose instinct would eventually come to the surface “one online user stated.

The man who witnessed the strange scenario and was in charge of taking pictures of it is apparently a friend of the child, who stopped when she saw him to inquire whether her father was with her and to say hello.

Observing the adorable animal, he invited the young girl to parade with her in front of the camera. She readily accepted and said that she also has another female and a puppy at home.

The girl strolling her tiger as if it were a lovely pet makes the scenario appear surreal.

Another comment on the video states, “It is troublesome to imagine the prospect of owning a tiger or any other huge cat as a pet, they are not tameable pets.

The General Wildlife Law, which is in force across the Aztec territory, is fairly explicit in this regard, however, and states that individuals may only have one specimen of this species in their possession under tight confinement.

However, companies must demonstrate their legitimacy and get Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources approval for a management plan (SEMARNAT).

No matter the species, providing the greatest care for the animals must be the primary goal in order to ensure that each one of them lives a dignified life. In any case, keeping a wild animal as a pet contradicts that assumption.

Although tiger cubs may appear adorable and priceless to us, they will swiftly gain great weight, develop sharp canine teeth that you would want not to be bitten by, and develop powerful claws that you would prefer not to be scratched by.

Not only is it incredibly cruel to remove their powerful fangs and claws to keep them from harming their masters, but doing so also inhibits the animals from properly destroying food, endangering their health and wellbeing.