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They Record A Baby Elephant Rolling On The Ground Laughing While Playing With His Brother

A newborn elephant is one of the cutest things ever. They usually follow the herd’s elders while appearing to be the cutest puppies thanks to their enormous ears.

Living among other members of their species is crucial for these creatures. They very likely spend the majority of their time with the herd where they were born.

A photographer just took these wonderful pictures that demonstrate how significant family is to these creatures.

“Elephants have a deep love for their family. They treat their family members with a ton of care and patience, according lot Lee-Ann.

Photographer Lee-Ann Robertson enjoys spending as much time as she can outside in order to capture the beauty of the natural world. She made the decision to go to the South African Addo Elephant Park on this particular day.

Elephants may live peacefully in their natural habitat here, free from the fear of any hunters, serving as a sanctuary. They need to be safeguarded since they are in risk of extinction.

The last 11 elephants remained in the area lived there when it was founded in 1931. There are now more than 450. In addition to ensuring the wellbeing of the animals, their job is crucial for spreading awareness of elephant beauty around the world.

Lee-Ann was quickly moved by the adorable way the elephants interacted. She was surprised to witness the smallest of the group playing and making fun of her elder brother despite hearing that they were quite friendly with one another.

The photographer said, “He started gently stroking him with his trunk to invite him to come play.”