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Man Walked for 3 Days Fearing He Was A Carrier Of Covid-19 And A Loyal Dog Accompanied Him

Alixson Mangundok, 34, walked 70 kilometers to reach his village because he was afraid of being carried by Covid-19. The Malaysian guy walked for three days and was constantly accompanied by a devoted dog, a circumstance that drew the attention of social media users.

Alixson had recently returned from Japan, where she works, and had resolved not to travel any public or private transportation for fear of contracting the virus.

On March 25, he landed in Kota Kinabalu from Japan, still 120 kilometers from his homeland of Kota Marudu, where his family resides.

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The Star quoted Alixson as saying:

“I was evaluated after landing at Kota Kinabalu International Airport, and despite health authorities saying I was OK and showing no signs of the virus, they nevertheless wanted me to travel to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a more thorough assessment.”

The doctor advised him to self-quarantine at home while waiting for his test results after the samples were obtained at the hospital. Because staying at the government’s quarantine centers was not essential, the guy opted to take his lengthy stroll to avoid any risk.

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Alixson had already deposited her enormous luggage with relatives and had lunch and purchased two bottles of water before departing on March 26. A dog emerged as he passed through a cemetery and began to accompany him; it had become a type of traveling companion.

The guy permitted the dog to accompany him on the expedition and named it ‘Hachiko,’ after a devoted Japanese Akita dog. According to The Star, Alixson believed that the dog was a gift from God, and that she had never left him since she discovered him.

The man had visited the Hachiko cemetery in Shibuya before returning from Japan and prayed for safety on his journey.

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Alixson explained:

“I expected him to abandon me halfway through, but he stuck with me the entire time, which is why I chose to adopt Hachiko.”

They stopped at many bus stops, encountered numerous challenges, and made new acquaintances along the route. On their trek, they faced the elements, walking through rain and sun, walking through darkness, and even climbing up and down towering mountains.

Alixson explained:

“The police and other security personnel on duty asked where I was heading, and they couldn’t believe it when I told them I was going to Kota Marudu.” I ultimately persuaded them that I wasn’t joking.”

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The police advised him to be cautious and relax in secure areas after he explained his reasons and presented his passport and hospital certificates as verification. He proceeded on his route, stopping at several places to buy water and food for Hachiko, but he didn’t buy anything for himself because he wasn’t hungry due to exhaustion.

Alixson noticed her brother driving in Kg Tandasan in Kota Belud, which is halfway to the destination. He welcomed him so he would notice him and come over to speak with him.

“He waved back, but he didn’t recognize me because I was protecting my face from the sun’s brightness, and I was walking a dog, so he just walked away.”

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Later, he ran into his brother’s boss, who informed him that Alixson was walking home. Alixson was heading down the road with his new traveling buddy when his brother turned around.

Alixson explained:

“I guess everyone was concerned since my phone had been dead for two days and I hadn’t communicated with them since the airport.”

The brother told the rest of the family and requested that a car be provided to Alixson so he could drive alone and return home with his companion. He was able to finish the voyage to his homeland with the help of his devoted buddy Hachiko in this manner.

Facebook/Deon Anthony