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Skinny Puppy Locked In A Cage Looks Completely Different Now

A 3-year-old dog named “Dice” was imprisoned in a cage and dumped in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, yard of an abandoned apartment. When the authorities were alerted to his predicament by some kids at the beginning of November, he was in a terrible position.

Co-founder of Feeling Fine Rescue, Tracey Godin, said to The Dodo:

“He was left in a cage in the backyard by the evicted occupants, who also left him without food or water. Naturally, when the police inquired as to how long the dog had been there, the kids said that they believed he had been there for at least a week.”

Although Dice’s stay there was very brief, it is most probable that people who had been his family for a very long time had disregarded him.

said Tracey:

“He was malnourished for months. The last degradation will have occurred this past week.

Animal control was contacted by police, and they made plans to take Dice to a nearby shelter. He received some pictures of the dog’s condition from Tracey’s friend, a volunteer at the shelter, and they undoubtedly moved him.

said Tracey:

“It stopped me in my tracks. I had no idea how he was still alive. My eyes started to well up with tears.”

Dice was to be taken to the veterinarian, so Tracey and her daughter Micaela decided to pick him up from the shelter.

said Tracey:

“I couldn’t go more than five or six feet without tripping.” He collapsed as he walked onto the sidewalk when we were in the vet parking lot because he was unable to sustain the weight of his body. I didn’t believe he would survive.

said Tracey:

He must have weighed 65 pounds, yet he only weighed 30 pounds. He was anemic and dehydrated. Although there was no muscle on his body, you could still see his skull. His eyes were recessed into his skull. He wouldn’t have survived, in my view, if he had remained in that cage for one additional day.

Dice got medical attention from a veterinarian for a while, and when he was prepared, he moved in with Feeling Fine Rescue.