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A Dog Missing For Almost 3 Months Can’t Hide The Emotion When His Father Finally Finds Him, And Cries With Happiness

Living in Taguig City, the Philippines, Rustico Samson Jr. and his family endured three difficult months without their dog, Coco. The man never gave up seeking for the missing dog and he never lost hope.

The guy continued to explore the city for his canine companion during the period that he was missing. He requested assistance from his friends and the general public in describing the animal’s appearance and urged them to pay attention and let him know if they heard anything new about the canine.

“I sobbed. There was such intense suffering. More than just a pet, Coco. He’s a relative. I looked around every turn. I sobbed even while I was looking.”


Rustico recalls the night his dog vanished; according to him, the dog often accompanies his brother when he leaves for work, and even at night, Coco is supposed to keep an eye on the apartment building adjacent to his father’s home.

As he stated to TrendingPH.net:

“Perhaps what happened was that Coco went after my brother who was riding his bike that night, and he got trapped since there were so many dogs he had to pass on the way home,” my brother speculated. He probably got into a battle with other dogs or got captured since he couldn’t follow my brother.


A dog that showed up in a parking lot three long months after Coco vanished matched the description provided by Rustico. The man left right away towards the location.


Even on the video, you can see Coco racing and squealing with delight when he finally found his father. Rustico did not hesitate for a second when he saw the puppy.

The guy narrates:

“I immediately recognized him when I saw a dog laying on the ground in that parking lot. He was 100 percent certain that he was Coco.


Coco’s physical condition was a direct result of the time she spent living on the streets. His thighs and arms were bloated from wounds and scabies on his body, and he was extremely skinny and filthy.

Fortunately, he appeared healthy and was in high spirits; all he needed to fully recover was family love and care. The nicest outcome for this family has been having Coco back at home.

Rough said:

“The home is once more filled with uplifting auras. Positive energy is back.