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Dog Leads Rescuers To A Sign Posted On A Building’s Door

We would never guess that Bruno was ever abandoned and miserable on the streets when we see him happy and full of affection in his new home.

While wandering near their house in Córdoba, Argentina, Lujan Videla and her partner came saw a dog standing alone in a corner. Because the animal-loving couple had never seen the dog before, they decided to approach it to see what was going on.


According to Lujan, who spoke to The Dodo,

“I was despondent and lonely.” I instructed my partner to stay with him while I waited for his owner to arrive.”

Unfortunately, no one came seeking for the noble dog after a few minutes, so the couple concluded Bruno had been abandoned.

Then Bruno began walking, but with the intention of guiding the pair to an apartment building’s front door.


Lujan had this to say:

“We were following him and realized he was trying to get into the building.”

When they arrived at the main entrance, they discovered a “Do Not Let Dog In” sign attached to the door.

@lujanvidelaa la historia de Bruno🐶♥️ #parati #rescate ♬ original sound – Cole LaBrant

They discovered that Bruno had lived there with an older guy until recently, who had either died or been forced to relocate abruptly, after chatting with a neighbor in the building.


Bruno, for whatever reason, found himself alone and without a place to sleep, a fact that the poor cat didn’t seem to comprehend.

Some locals felt sorry for Bruno and offered him food, but he was adamant on entering the structure, which he considered his home.

As a result, the building’s administration decided to design the sign so that no residents would allow him to enter.


lujan explained:

“This fact demonstrates how uninterested individuals may be.” Bruno was in a bad mood. He was in a hurry to get in ».

That’s when Lujan and her partner decided to rescue the puppy by taking him home and putting a notice in case his previous owner was seeking for him. But all of his efforts were in useless because no one was looking for him, and Bruno was unhappy and despondent, wishing to return to his home.